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From kitchen inspiration to bathroom remodel ideas, discover how you can transform your space by using MAPEI products in your next DIY home improvement project.

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MAPEI's products stand for uncompromising quality and innovative solutions. Discover the perfect product for your next DIY remodel project here.

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Founded as a family business that manufactured paint and masonry products, MAPEI opened its doors on February 12, 1937 in Milan, Italy with a three-person workforce. Thanks to a forward-thinking founder, specialization soon became a hallmark of MAPEI. By identifying trends in the building industry, MAPEI has been able to stay a step ahead by bringing innovative products to market that immediately meet new demands.  Read On


Do More With Mosaics

The best part about using mosaic tile is that it can be both beautiful and functional! Mosaic tiles are a popular go-to choice for kitchen backsplashes because they’re visually interesting and relatively low-maintenance.

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Bright kitchen with neutral mosaic tile backsplash

Five Takes on Subway Tiles

Subway tile is considered a staple in American kitchens and bathrooms, thanks in large part to the New York City subway system that got its start in 1904. Sleek white 3x6 ceramic tiles lined the underground walls, creating a crisp and clean feel to the stations.

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Kitchen with white subway tile backsplash

Bathroom Tile That Won't Break the Bank

Channel the relaxing feeling of walking into a spa with travertine tile. Made of calcium carbonate deposited by water over eons, travertine is a go-to tile when home renovators want to create a natural look in their bathrooms. 

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Modern bathroom with ultra large tiles

Style Ideas for a New Fireplace

The hottest focal point in your home could also be the coolest. Don’t underestimate what you can do to bring an old fireplace back to life. By adding new elements and materials to your design, you can reclaim your space and give it a new, fresh vibe.

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Living room with large marble tile fireplace